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Hotel WildFlower Shimla Review

Shantanu enjoying the Greenery

Hi People,

This is a letter written from my old self. roughly 6 years ago in 2011. When I had a different height, and a different enthusiasm towards life.

My dad has his meeting at Shimla and me and my mom were invited too. Although I couldn’t enjoy with dad during the day as he was busy with his meeting, me and mom explored the hotel we were living in – Oberoi Wildflower Hall Shimla.

Shimla being a beautiful place {atleast it was beautiful back then, now it is too commercialized to call it a hill station} I had jotted plenty of places to explore but dad being unavailable to take us around was a bummer.

So the only option left was the hotel itself. Well I initially thought, what possibly can there be to explore in a hotel. But, since I had nothing better to do, I kept roaming with my digital camera in my hand{I didn’t know I was going to buy a heavy dslr along with a bazooka lens and be so passionate about photography back then}.

So I started exploring slowly and steadily with sadness in my heart. First came the reception area where there were pamphlets kept and I started browsing through – “Situated at 8,250 feet above sea level” is what stuck with me. Then came the activities -nature walks, rafting, cycling or yoga, or relax and rejuvenate with an exclusive spa therapy. I was like where are these things being held at. Went straight to the help desk and queried about stuff unless the person started getting irritated with so many of my questions. I then planned to explore the unexplored territory myself. The help desk guy did tell me about the mountains bikes and the trails within the campus which I can ride on. Although that never happened as the cost of the ride was equal to the cost of the bike . I might as well have bought the bike and taken it back home in the same amount. What else can one expect from a 5 star resort. Anyways .. moving on.

I moved to the dining area to see what were they planning for lunch. I my quest to explore further, I went down the stairs and found plenty of different shaped glasses kept on each table. I inquired the waiter and he said that the area was reserved for wine tasters. Got to know that there is a thing called “wine tasting”. I couldn’t click the tables as the area was “restricted”.

Post lunch we{my mom and I} went the swimming pool and past that was the Jacuzzi. I lied there for quiet a while. The view of Shimla from the Jacuzzi is breathtaking as it is located on the edge of the hill. It a good scary feeling.

Later in the evening my dad joined us for diiner where I ordered a Mexican pizza{no walls build around yet} and an amazing looking dessert, which frankly was just 2 scoops of ice-cream and a wafer in the middle.


Thanks  future me for looking back and reading from your past.

P.S. I will be adding the pics soon, once I find them from my old hard-drives.
Talking to myself in Solitude and finding a Repurpose to my past.

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