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Student Life in USA

Student Life in USA

Student life in USA is exciting.

Daily Diary –  would love to know how you’re doing, it’s been long.

I am good. Enjoying new country, new town, new people. Four months have gone by and not a second seems as if I was not occupied.
The town I am in is the historic capital of America and hence there is so much to see.
I also visited Philadelphia and Washington DC. Both are very similar to a millennial city in India. Too much pollution, too many cars and the same old problems of parking. Each has their ups and downs though. Williamsburg has no Indian store so groceries is always a troublesome here. The bus services are less frequent. But the commitment is really strong. My cohort is divided into groups of 5 and each has 3 Americans 2 and internationals, and all from diverse backgrounds.


I am sharing a 3bhk with other Indians and doing all the chores myself. Student Life in USA is tough but i have learned to cook many things. I have definitely gotten better at roasting chicken and not burning it in the oven. Also, my suji ka halwa is a hit amongst the Indian friends. Made plenty of friends here. All like my photography and sometimes when I meet people from undergrad they get excited when I tell them I am maverickMo. They specially as ask about my light painting photography.

I am still lazy to iron my clothes. For myself a steamer. And guess what, lazy to that as well. So my winter break team is to iron all my clothes. I have few friends who keep my color combination in check because as usual, I am not good at it. But I am now learning. I have started getting invitations for American parties so that’s a good sign that I am gelling with them.

I cut 5 cakes my birthday week. Had great fun. All my friends made me feel super special and I got plenty of gifts, mostly related to photography. I now have a huge camera bag and even that is now full. I got myself a graduate assistant job at my school related to photography and digital marketing. So it’s fun to make some extra cash with what I am passionate about. I even have a lake on my campus, where I go to calm my nerves. Loved the fall here and now enjoying the snowy winter.Student Life in USA has welcomed me with both arms.


Learning plenty of stuff in school but most of the learning happens in my diverse team of 5 or outside school about the American culture. Currently, the main focus is to get an internship and seems like it’s going to be a long wait. Same goes for the job. But seniors help us plenty and they assure that everyone lands an internship. I do have a few interviews lined up next month. Fingers crossed.

That’s the journey I have had so far. Crazy bumpy fun-filled no-regrets ride.

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